Corseaux to Gland


                                                                                         We actually participated in a artisanal Gruyère cheese making
                                                Performing some songs at an old-age home at Mont-Pélerin above Vevey with view over the Lake of Geneva
                                                                                                             Enjoying a boatride on the Lake of Geneva
                                                                                          On our way from Lausanne-Ouchy to Château de Chillon
                                                                                                                                 On stage in Corseaux
                                                                                                   Performing together with the host choir of Corseaux
                                                                                           Performing life in the radio program called \"Kiosque à Musique\"
                                                                                   Local Blasmusik performing in the radio program called \"Kiosque à Musique\"
                                                                                  Another ensemble performing in the radio program called \"Kiosque à Musique\"
                                                                                                                                On stage in Gland
                                                                             Singing together with the host choir on the occasion of their 25th anniversary
                                                                                                           Performing together with the host choir of Gland
                                                                                         We actually participated in a artisanal Gruyère cheese making
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From Corseaux to Gland
The tour continues. Once again, we packed our bags, some of them getting heavier and heavier with souvenir gifts for children and grand children. Our drive took us to Gruyère and Moléson, cheese country, where we visited an alpine cheese factory and were treated to - you guessed it - a cheese fondue. In a very happy mood we drove on towards Lake of Geneva. We stopped at Mont-Pélerin, at a home for elderly, to greet an old friend, sing a few songs for the residents and admire the breathtaking view of lake of Geneva at our feet, vineyards sloping down towards the lake, and on the opposite shore, the massive of the Dents du Midi rising majestically into the sky.
For the last three nights we would sleep in La Tour-de-Peilz, in a hotel directly on the lake, awakening in the morning to the quacks of swans and ducks. Before singing our last concert, we were treated to another boat ride. This time from Lausanne-Ouchy to Chillon castle. This castle is one of the best known in Switzerland, and is directly sitting on a rocky outcropping of the Lake of Geneva. Funny, most of us knew about the castle, but had always just driven by. So we welcomed the guided tour, peeked down the holes of the latrines to the water and felt the cold of the dungeons.
From our hotel, we only had a very short drive to Corseaux for the next concert and a welcome drink consisting of a sampling of the highly acclaimed local wines.
Saturday saw us rise very early. We had to be in Gland at 9 am, where coffee and croissant were waiting. We participated in a radio program called "Kiosque à Musique". Thereafter we were treated to a nice lunch, followed by a short visit to the town of Nyon with its Roman ruins and then back to Gland for a rehearsal with the host choir, dinner and our final concert.
It was way past midnight when we arrived back at the hotel and had to pack our bags one more time. The last stop was Lucerne. Sightseeing for most of us and for some good-bye. The tour ended in Zürich where it had started. And who would have believed it: two weeks in September, and only one night and one morning of rain. For the rest: sunshine and happy memories! Juhui!!!
Written by Wal Baur