2013 Christmas Concert


                                              Alphorn: Ernie Kneubuehler & Franz Stadelmann</span></span><span style=\"color: #000000;\"><span style=\"font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;\"><span>
                      Our Director Rodger Whitten Presents Swiss Harmonie Choir
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                                                              Karin Hoesli at the Flute and Mike Hunter at the Drum
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                        First no Flowers ?? ---  But wait --- Surprise --- There are Flowers
                                              Alphorn: Ernie Kneubuehler & Franz Stadelmann
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 Direction:Rodger Whitten

 Flute Soloist: Karin Hösli

 Drum: Mike Hunter

 Alphorn: Ernie Kneubühler and Franz Stadelmann

 Poem: Siegfried Heger


Join us and listen to some of our songs !!


 Or, now listen to the entire concert in one go and click on the below !!