2016 Christmas Concert


                                                                                                           Bloom Surprised by an Ice Frost
                                                                           Great Alphorn Performance by Ernie Kneubühler & Franz Stadelmann</span><span style=\"color: #000000;\"><span style=\"font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;\">
                                                                      Swiss Harmonie Singing their Hearts out      ---      with Karin Hösli on Flute
               Rodger Whitten, Director                                                   Mirjam Stadelmann, President                                    Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland
                                       Franz Stadelmann and Ernie Kneubühler                                                                                                                 Karin Hösli
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                     Ursula El-Tawansy                                                                    Siegfried Heger                                                                  Irène Gabriel-Thomas
h DSC07704 900x400
                                                                                           Rodger Whitten, Piano and John Thomas, Trumpet
                                                                                                       Concert sold out      ---      260 guests
                                                                       At the Table of Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland and his wife Arie
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m Salata
mm DSCN0022 900x400
                                                                                                 Flowers for our Director and for our Soloists
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p DSC07714 900x400
q DSC07730 900x400
r DSC07756 900x400
                                                                                                           Duett by Helen and Heidi Jakob
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                                                                         Our tombola with great prizes      ---       a great success with our guests
v Tombola
w Tombola2
x Tombola3
y DSC07676 900x400
z DSCN0014 900x400
                                                                                                           Bloom Surprised by an Ice Frost
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Direction: Rodger Whitten

Flute Soloist: Karin Hösli

Trompet Soloist: John Thomas

Alphorn: Ernie Kneubühler and Franz Stadelmann

Poem: Siegfried Heger


Join and listen to the entire concert in one go - click on the below playlist !!



Or, listen individually to some of our songs !!