Swiss Fair - July 29, 2018


2018 Swiss Fair Flyer 816x1056
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                                    Franz Stadelmann and Ernie Kneubühler playing the Alphorn                                          Thomas Schneider, Consul General of Switzerland
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                                                                      Swiss Harmonie Choir singing the Anthems and a selection of Swiss songs
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e 2018 audience 900x400
                                                                                                            Talerschwingen and Alphorns
g 2018 parc 900x400
                                                                                                        Akkordeon Freunde Santa Barbara
                              Swiss Bratwurst, Knöpfli und Sauerkraut                                                                                    Raclette cheese melting
k 2018 soccer 900x400
                                                                                                      The Accordionaires \"Pops Orchestra\"
m 2018 spin jump 900x400
                                                                                                                     Homemade Desserts
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Greetings from our Swiss Consul General

It was mentioned that this was the best speech given by any Consul General of Switzerland at this and prior Swiss Fairs. It was great to hear some historic perspective. For example that the 1848 Swiss Constitution was taylored after the United States Constitution. Thomas Schneider also read to us the first lines of the Federal Charter of 1291, which is the founding document of the Swiss Federation. One could even say that that oath is the forerunner of today's NATO pledge. The first lines of the1291 oath, the Federal Charter of 1291, read as follows:

"In the name of God. Amen. Public esteem and welfare presuppose that charters of peace and order be made valid henceforth. Thus, all people of the valley community of Uri, the entirety of the Schwyz valley and the community of people from the lower Unterwalden valley recognize the malice of the times and for their own protection and preservation they have promised to assist each other by every means possible with every counsel and favor, with persons or goods within their valleys and without against any and all who inflict on them or any among them acts of violence or injustice against persons or goods. [...]


2018 Swiss Fair Flyer 850x1100